Protecting Your People

If something unexpected happened to you (such as a serious illness or death), how would you and your family manage?  Life is full of regular expenses that still need to be covered, such as:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Child care
  • Medical expenses

A key part of planning for your future is ensuring your family and assets are financially protected should something happen to you.  If you have dependent children or long-term debts, adequate life insurance can help to ensure there is ongoing financial support for your loved ones.

I am not the main income-earner for our family – why do I need insurance?

The household income earner may have enough insurance for your family to survive if they were to die or become too ill to work, but what if something happened to you (as their spouse or partner)?  The primary income earner may need to give up work in order to care for you, which means they are no longer earning an income.  Or, they may need to pay for home help for you while they continue working.  In the event of your death, your partner may require money for full-time child care costs while they continue working.  It is a situation like this where your life insurance could help in meeting these extra costs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance could provide a lump sum payment for your family in the event of your death or terminal illness.

Trauma Insurance

Crisis insurance could provide you with a lump sum payment in the event of your suffering a crisis condition or permanent disablement.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance could help to assist in covering the costs of major medical treatment.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Disability insurance could provide you with a lump sum payment to cover immediate and ongoing costs of living.

Income Protection insurance

Income protection insurance could provide you with an income if serious illness or injury leaves you unable to work for a long period of time.

Home Loan Insurance

For many New Zealanders, having a mortgage can be the primary motivation for taking out insurance.  If your household income is compromised due to illness or injury, home loan insurance could assist in covering your mortgage repayments during your rehabilitation.

Travel Insurance

Are you heading overseas for a summer holiday?  Taking the trip of a lifetime with family and friends?  Just because you’re taking a break from reality doesn’t mean you should take a break from considering your insurance needs!  You could fall ill while overseas, or be injured and require hospital treatment.  In many countries, medical treatment will be at your own expense.  Can you afford to foot the bill?  Among other things, travel insurance can also provide cover for extra costs incurred through cancelled flights; lost or stolen luggage or inability to travel.  Talk to us about your cover options before booking your next big trip.