Lifestyle insurance


House Insurance

For many New Zealanders, the purchase of a house represents the biggest financial investment they will make during their lives.  It is important to make sure this asset is adequately protected.  Don’t be left with a massive mortgage to repay and a damaged house you can’t afford to repair!  Comprehensive insurance provides cover for many losses affecting the house, including cover for earthquakes and other natural disaster damage.

Contents Insurance

The contents of your home can represent years of accumulation.  There’s that gorgeous leather jacket you picked up for a bargain; the brand new lounge suite; the kitchen appliances and gadgets; your extensive DVD and CD collection; the china collection that used to be Mum’s; the blinds and drapes; your bedroom furniture; and the Playstation your kids can’t live without.  And that’s just the beginning!  Let’s not forget those gadgets that help make our life so much easier – your laptop, tablet and mobile phone!  Whether you have a lot or a little, suffering a loss to your personal belongings is inconvenient at best and heartbreaking at worst.  Adequate contents insurance can see your treasured possessions replaced or repaired with a minimum of expense.

Lifestyle Insurance

With acres of space and all the comforts of home, a lifestyle block can offer a world of choices. You can run it like a small farm, with all the equipment that goes with it, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of your comfortable country retreat. With insurance that’s designed for your type of lifestyle property, you can have one policy that’s tailored to your specific needs. It covers not only your home, contents and vehicles, but also those items unique to lifestyle blocks.

Rental Property Insurance

Do you live in a rented property?  There’s another very good reason you should have contents insurance – it usually extends to cover your legal liability as a tenant.  Picture this scenario: You leave for work in a hurry one morning, and you leave a pot on the stovetop.  The contents burn dry and catch fire, and the fire spreads to cause serious damage to your landlord’s kitchen.  Your landlord may have insurance for the house itself, but if you (as the tenant) have damaged the house through your negligence, you could be held personally liable for the repair costs.

Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Insurance

Most of us rely on our cars and motorbikes to get around.  We have to get to work and drop the kids off at school or sport – then there’s the all-important Saturday afternoon BBQ at your friend’s place to get to!  How inconvenienced would you be if you had to pay for expensive repairs to your car or motorbike following an accident?  Having full insurance should allow you to get your vehicle fixed quickly and back on the road without significant financial strain.

Do you think your car or bike is just an old rust-bucket that isn’t worth insuring?  That may be the case, but can you afford to pay for any damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property in an accident?  Your vehicle might not be worth much, but the BMW in the supermarket carpark you just reversed into could be worth a lot!  The cost for third party only insurance is not high, but it provides great peace of mind.  Talk to us about how we can ensure you are covered for damage to other people’s vehicles and property.

Classic Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Insurance

Do you have an old car or motorcycle in the garage at home?  Whether it’s an old model that’s not worth very much or your absolute pride and joy, we can source insurance specifically tailored for classic model vehicles.  We can cover everything from hot rods to racing cars; and highly modified imports to modern classics.  Whether your car or bike is completely off the road or just taken out for the occasional Sunday drive, we can find a cover solution for you.

Motor Home / Caravan Insurance

Get comprehensive cover for accidental loss or damage to your caravan or motorhome.

Travel Insurance

Even the most carefully planned travel can throw up the unforeseen. Regardless of how careful you are, some events are simply beyond your control. With travel insurance we can help you so you’re well-placed if ever in an emergency, you require some health treatment, miss your connecting flight, or are burgled. That way you can get on with enjoying your trip, or at least have a safe return to New Zealand.

Boat Insurance

Get comprehensive cover against accidental loss or damage to your boat, Jet ski or any other watercraft and its accessories, plus liability for any damage to others’ property in a boating accident you have caused.