Life and Health in Taranaki


Life Insurance

Life insurance can give your family peace of mind that, if you can’t support them because of death, illness, or injury, then they’ll still be able to maintain their lifestyle. Having to pay the mortgage, school fees, and bills doesn’t change when you’ve had a life-changing event. Life insurance can take care of your family’s money worries while they cope with their loss.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a policy which meets the costs of a range of private medical procedures and treatments. These include surgery, cancer treatment, diagnostic imaging and tests, medical hospitalisation, specialist consultations, home nursing, treatment away from home and treatment overseas. 

Disability & Trauma Insurance

Developing a life-threatening illness or injury can take its toll on your physical and mental state. Modern advances in medical treatment mean the chances of surviving are much higher – however a diagnosis brings increased stress, lengthy treatment and time away from work commitments. Trauma and Disability cover will help you get through the tough times or in the worst case scenario like a total or permanent disability it will be there for you when it matters most.

Income & Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage insurance is available so that you can insure your ongoing mortgage repayments. If you're ill or injured and can't work, your insurer will make regular claim payments to you. Mortgage repayment can be an extremely important kind of cover and means that your home remains yours even if poor health or an accident means that you're not able to work. Income protection insurance provides regular monthly payments to cover your ongoing financial commitments like household bills and mortgage or rent payments.

Key Person Insurance

Provides a monthly benefit and/or lump sum to offset additional costs of losing a key person through serious illness, injury or death. It covers staff replacement costs, training costs, contract penalties and loss of profits and so on.

Share Purchase Insurance

Share Purchase Insurance provides a lump sum for remaining shareholders to purchase the shares of a shareholder who makes an unplanned exit from the business due to serious illness, injury or death. These funds provide the shareholder’s family or estate with capital and provide the remaining shareholders with control of the business and you won't have the extra worry around self-funding and all the extra stress that comes with it.

Employee Benefits Insurance

Provides insurance cover at discounted group rates for staff (e.g. Life, Income Protection, Trauma or Medical). These types of life and healthcare benefits help increase staff loyalty and create longevity of employment.