business and farm insurance

Protecting Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you’ve no doubt devoted many hours and dollars to the growth of your enterprise.  It makes sense to have the best quality of protection for your assets and income.

Business Asset Insurance

Commercial property and assets insurance is like home and contents insurance for your business. Without it, you open your business to significant losses if you’re hit by a disaster, theft, or equipment breakdown. Managing risk includes maintaining equipment so it works reliably and keeping your premises secure from thieves and vandals. But, despite your best efforts, things can and will go wrong. Whether it’s an earthquake, a fire, a flood, or a criminal act, your business can never be 100 per cent safe from disaster. So, the important thing is to make sure you’re covered if the worst should happen.

Business Interruption Insurance

The cost of repairs and clean up after a business interruption event often pales in comparison to the lost profit for not being able to do business for a day, a week, a month, or longer. Yet too many businesses fail to include business interruption insurance in their disaster management plans. Every day your business can’t operate as normal is another day of profits down the drain. Business interruption insurance can cover you for these losses and the extra costs of alternative premises and communicating, making it easier to get back up and running. To get the right insurance, you need to talk to the experts in your industry.

Commercial Motor Insurance

You may have just one vehicle or be running a fleet. Either way, we’ll source you a vehicle policy to suit your business needs. We offer flexible, tailored commercial motor fleet insurance solutions across all business vehicle classes, from cars, utes and vans, to trucks, buses and forklifts.

Business Liability Insurance

While your business might not be a global powerhouse, your reputation is still absolutely crucial to your ability to compete. When things go wrong, your reputation can be the first thing to suffer, regardless of how ethically and correctly your business has conducted itself.

And, sometimes, things are simply out of your hands. You may have sold a product that malfunctions, one of your employees may have made a mistake, or someone may have been injured on your premises. There might not be much you can do to correct those issues after the fact, but you can protect your business from financial and reputational damage by acting quickly and decisively.

Liability insurance covers you so that, as the business owner, you won’t be held personally and financially responsible for the things you or your employees do. Covers can include:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Statutory liability insurance
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Directors and officers insurance
  • Employment disputes Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • Internet Liability Insurance
  • Consequential loss Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance

Choosing the right liability insurance provider for your business’s needs depends on a broad variety of factors. Working with an independent, transparent insurance broker like The Advisers means you don’t have to spend time and resources investigating all the options. We will be able to find the right policy for you and your business needs.

Agri-Business Insurance

If you’re a farmer and need Farm Insurance, your land and assets are your lifeblood. We specialise in solutions that can protect what matters to you, it's not just your plant and equipment it is also your Milk from contamination or deterioration, your machinery breaking down, your animals and animal feed. From the paddocks to the cowshed we have your rural insurance needs covered.

Construction Insurance

Also known as Contract Works Insurance or Contractors All Risk’ Insurance, Construction insurance is there to ensure your building projects are protected. It covers loss or damage to, property that’s being built or altered and is designed to cover building contractors, homeowners, property developers, electricians, bricklayers, carpenters, plasterers, tilers and other tradespeople.

Cargo & Logistics Insurance

Cargo: We work with a wide range of insurers to provide reliable and comprehensive cover for goods in transit. Both personal and commercial categories. We can offer annual and or single transit policies to ensure that your goods are covered whilst in on the move, whether it be airfreight, sea freight rail, or road.

Logistics: Are you a specialty business, we offer coverage and advice to Freight Forwarders, Carriers, Shipping Agents, 3PL, Warehousing, Ports, Stevedores, and other logistics providers.